Sunday, March 12, 2006

DISSENTER'S NOTEBOOK: Things I Never Thought I'd See in America

Here are three things I never thought I'd see in America:

A putsch without a Krystallnacht.

A sniveling, naïve, sellout to a vicious tyrant without a Chamberlin.

A powerful nation of noble ideals gone obsequious and cowardly.

Where are we living? When? This can’t be America. This can’t be now. But it is, and no one's fault but our own.

The U.S. government gone out like Eliot’s “Wasteland,” without a bang and not even much of a whimper. No more meaningful habeas corpus. No more balance of powers.

Since they have no personal integrity that would give them power within themselves, we have pitiful little Congressmen who want power so desperately that they will take it the only way they can get it– by handing it over to an Executive in hopes that he will somehow share it with them if they only fawn and succumb enough.

All in a few weeks.

Warrantless invasions of privacy? Instead of solid investigations of suspects, we get a massive bureaucracy of illegal snoops who slaver over a glimpse of conversation or lists of borrowed books the way the bald-head row used to slaver over strippers in the old-time burley-que. Whole federal bureaucrocies with their hand under the coats in their laps.

Legislative oversight? Our Congress says, “Break the law, we’ll give you a new law, sire, and make it retroactive so you will never have to be responsible for any of your illegal actions, sire. We promise not to look into them, sire, no sire; whatever you wish, sire…" Con-gressional co-conspirators in betrayal.

“A ‘supreme court, sire’? Well, yes, we too would prefer a ‘supine court,’ sire, yes, sire, thank you, sire. You just tell them what they can adjudicate and what they can’t, and let them have at it. Give us a couple of months and we’ll get it fixed so you can make their decisions for them as well. No need to worry then over appointments. Hate to cause you any trouble, sire. Whatever you wish, sire."

Talk about patriotism! No, let's talk about malfeasance... Let's talk about traitors... All you need do to find them is to look at the U.S. Congress. No need to look for Islamic terrorist scapegoats with secret plans; we’ve got genuine perpetrators right at hand, and you can read their plans in the morning paper. At least a tiny few of their plans, in a very few of your papers.

America, where are ye?