Sunday, October 23, 2005

DISSENTER'S NOTEBOOK: Jeffers Got it Right

Robinson Jeffers got it right, back in World War II when the technology was growing at a phenomenal pace and the means of destruction was expanding to terrifying dimensions. He wrote this apt description of an administration he did not yet know, but knew was coming over the horizon. And now we have it.


Unhappy country, what wings you have! Even here,
Nothing important to protect, and ocean-far from the nearest
enemy, what a cloud
Of bombers amazes the coast mountain, what a hornet-
swarm of fighters,
And day and night the guns practicing.

Unhappy, eagle wings and beak, chicken brain.
Weep (it is frequent in human affairs), weep for the terrible
magnificence of the means,
The ridiculous incompetence of the reasons, the bloody and
Pathos of the result.